Visual pathway simulation project code

I need an honest and expert person to help me with my project “visual pathway simulation”

Hello Kaabi,

To understand how a neural network or pathway functions, I mostly start with repeated readings in “Clinical Neuroanatomy and Neuroscience FitzGerald”. Visual pathways are under chapter 28 of the fifth edition, (Amazon is already at edition eight, but mostly the differences aren’t fundamental for a first design).

The design itself is conditioned by a very good understanding of the principles and te way to applicate them, very well exposed in what I call the NEF and the BAB book, (respectively for “Neural engineering Framework” and "(how to) Build A Brain"by Chris Eliasmith et al. .

Congratulation with your project putting the attention back on “humans” where it all started, especially for simulation of neural nets, (cfr Leonardo da Vinci, “the Vitruvian Man”).

I’m am interested in getting informed about the outcome of your project.