The tutorials from "How to Build a Brain" in Nengo 2.0


As title, recently I’m studying on the book How to Build a Brain and trying to write some Nengo code as progress. I noted that this is mentioned on the documentation page, “the tutorials from How to Build a Brain have been re-written for Nengo 2.0 as iPython notebooks.” So I am here to ask whether it is available now. Thanks for your reply or any further advice.

Edward Chen

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Hey Edward,

Would you mind posting this question on our forum ( where we now answer questions?

The tutorials can be found here:

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Hi Edward,

If you want to run the tutorials in the Nengo GUI, you can also find them in the nengo_gui/examples/hbb_tutorials folder once you have installed nengo gui.



thanks for your reminder.

Edward Chen

Hi Sue (or whoever),
I can see the hbb_tutorials in my browser, but it’s not clear to me how to run them…
Do I copy and paste the code from your notated code into a nengo window? Or is there something easier?
Thanks from the technically challenged…

Hi Michael,

You will need to install and run Nengo GUI in order to run the tutorials.
Here are the instructions for doing so:

Don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any questions during the install
process etc.


Hi Sue,
Thanks for your response… I guess I wasn’t that clear in my question…

  • I installed Anacondo
  • I installed the Nengo_Gui
  • I opened the Nengo Gui. It started at a location http://localhost:8080
    /?filename=…\lib\site-packages\nengo_gui\examples\ There was a
    square (input) and a population of neurons on the left panel and some code
    fragments on the right panel. (There was nothing related to the tutorials.)
  • Since I did not see anything on the hbb tutorials, I entered your path in
    the browser input. I got a list of the tutorials.
  • I selected, say, Chapter 2 and selected the tutorial for a scalar. I got
    the screen as below.

  • Now I am stuck. I could copy and past the code into the nengo gui, but
    I’m hoping there is an easier way to run the tutorial.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Larry,

Apologies for missing your comment (I didn’t get an email notification of your response). We just had a new release for Nengo GUI. The tutorials from the book “How to Build a Brain” are now included as built-in examples in the GUI. You can use pip to get the new version of Nengo GUI:

pip install --upgrade nengo_gui

After upgrading, when you open Nengo GUI, you should see an open file icon on the leftmost side of the top toolbar. Click on that icon => then click on built-in examples => hbb_tutorials. Here you will find a list of tutorials from each chapter in the “How to Build a Brain” book.

Let me know if you have any further questions.