Some problems encountered when using bioneuronqp library

Hello everyone!
When I use nengo_bio, it prompts me:

But I have installed the bioneuronqp library according to the readme. How can I solve this situation?
If you can answer my question, I would be very grateful!

In the libbioneuronqp/bioneuronqp folder (from the git repository you cloned), there is a test script. If you run this test script in your Python environment, does it execute successfully? I tested the script with:

cd <path_to_libbioneuronqp_repo>/bioneuronqp

and the output I got was:

Solving weights using libbioneuronqp...
Found at /mnt/d/Users/xchoo/GitHub/libbioneuronqp/build/
Solved 102/102 neuron weights
Time :  0.4293084000091767
Error:  0.02538303495583089

Solving weights using nengobio.qp_solver (cvxopt)
Time :  1.8570437000016682
Error:  0.02307644803288628

If the script does not execute properly for you, some more information about your Python environment setup might help:

  • What Python setup do you use? (Anaconda? System Python? etc.)
  • What Python version are you using?
  • What were the exact installation steps you did to install libbioneuronqp?

Thank you very much for your answer. I reconfigured the virtual environment and used to install. Now there is no such problem. :grinning:

That’s great to hear! :smile: