Simple class classification example in Nengo?


I am beginner in Nengo , I am looking for simple classification task in Nengo . Can anyone provide simple classification with 2-3 categories , suppose if classification task is text related then should i go for same approach as i used to do in deep learning ?

In deep learning i was converting text data to int values using dict , and feeding those mapped values to neural network , should i try same with nengo ?

Thank you !


Hi @Monk. Nengo is a bit more awkward to use for classification than other artificial neural network programs like TensorFlow because we usually use spiking neurons that have dynamics across timesteps, rather than each timestep being a separate classification.

It is still possible though. If your background is in machine learning, then you will likely find Nengo DL more familiar. In particular, see this MNIST classification example, which uses spiking neurons to classify MNIST digits.