Run Nengo on GPU

I now try to put my network on the gpu
I have already install the nengo_ocl
But it still jump error when i run this example code
How can i solve the problem??
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With latest nengo release v3.0.0, nengo.utils.logging is removed and nengo-ocl does not work with latest nengo release. We recommend to use nengo-dl for running any Nengo model on a GPU.
Please refer to for detailed discussion.

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Hi everyone, I want to run nengo on gpu. I used nengo_dl instead of nengo, but it still runs on the CPU. My code is as follows:
sim = neng_dl.Simulator(model)
with sim:\p.period * p.n_trials)

Hi @YL0910

There are many things that can cause NengoDL (or the tensorflow backend) to run using the CPU. TO help answer your question:

  • What OS are you using?
  • What Python version are you using?
  • What Tensorflow and NengoDL versions are you using (you can do pip freeze, and post the results here)