Bifurcation Diagram

Hi everyone,

I would like to draw a bifurcation diagram (such as parameter vs output) for an ensemble. Is there a function which can do this directly?


Hi @hamed, and welcome back to the Nengo forums! :smiley:

Nengo doesn’t have any built-in functions to generate a bifurcation diagram automatically, so you’ll have to do the parameter sweep and data collection yourself. From the quick read I did about neuron bifurcation diagrams, they are useful when the neuron model exhibits behaviour that is oscillatory or bistable or hysteresis – and all of these are not properties of the neuron models included in Nengo by default (LIF, ReLu, TanH, etc.). However, these behaviours may be present on an ensemble level, but given the general nature of ensembles, unfortunately, Nengo doesn’t include tools to generate the bifurcation diagrams for you.